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From restaurant tables to retail stores


The story began in 1992, when Regina made a real estate investment in a three-story building that once housed a restaurant in the rugged old mill city of Lawrence, MA. Regina re-opened the restaurant and quickly learned the business. This is where she forge her identity, sharpened her skills and created her homemade seasoned pita chips. In no time business boomed, customers raved, and her pita chips became house favorites.

After six challenging years of running a restaurant and making pita chips around the clock, she branched out to pursue an idea that developed into a nationally recognized snack and a new category in the industry.  Regina’s Pita Chips would make the transition from restaurant tables to thousands of supermarket shelves across the Country as Regenie's Crunchy Pita Chips.  

Regina’s goal is to dazzle America with different ideas, textures, and taste. It’s a big challenge but then she responds to challenges the way chip lovers respond to her snacks; with plenty of gusto and a big appetite for more.

It is her personal commitment to healthy living and her passion to create that drives Regina into developing great tasting, healthy snacks for all to enjoy.

Today we offer a delicious variety of Pita Chips, Falafel snacks, Protein Chips and Regina's                                                                                                                                                        latest patent-pending creation,"Pita Brittle®".  All of our snacks deliver great ingredients,                                                                                                                                                               off-the-charts flavor and a well balanced nutritional panel.                                                                                                                                                                      




New developments


pita brittle®


The birth of Pita Brittle began in my kitchen on a warm and windy day in September 2015.

I’ve been in the pita chip business since the early 90’s and always had this idea; to find away to make toppings stick to the chips. But it wasn’t until I came up with name, “Pita Brittle”. That’s when it hit me.

Inspired by love, I was excited to start the process of developing a low sugar syrup and making my nut topping combinations. My kitchen counter had many small bowls of nuts, spices and ingredients. When I pulled the first batch of brittle from my oven and bit into a barely cooled morsel, I knew - This. Is It. The truly divine, snacking experience I’ve been looking for.

I left the pan of brittle on the stove to finish cooling. Later that night when I got back from my dinner date, I snacked on another piece of cooled brittle. I got even more excited. Oh my god this is so unique and so good, I have to share this with the everyone!

I’m thankful for the gift that inspired me.

Stay tuned for more delicious snacks to come